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Boost your business in SE Asia

Boost your business in SE Asia

Whatever your challenge in the region, we can support your online survey needs.


Whether it is data collection or detailed data analysis using our full service, we can help you. Share your project goals with our experienced team and let them create the best approach for you.
20+ Offices worldwide

20+ Offices worldwide

Our multinational surveys utilize our extensive global network.
Professional local support

Professional local support

Our research experts in Thailand, Indonesia, and Vietnam will provide insights and support.

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We approach customer problem solving with various research methods

solution 1
Consumer Understanding
Get closer to you customers. Improve your targeting and uncover new business opportunities using a deeper understanding of their behavior and attitudes.
solution 2
Quick Surveys
Get the genuine voice of consumers fast - and at an affordable price.
This service has limitations on sample size, IR, and number of questions.
*IR 20%~100%
*10/20 questions
solution 3
Brand Research
Evaluate your brand perception and positioning to spot improvements and set goals. Compare your performance with your competitors.
solution 4
Advertising Effectiveness

Evaluate your brand from awareness to penetration and perception to assess the impact of your advertising.

Results could be utilized for correcting future advertisement and promotions.

solution 5
Concept Testing
Trial your concepts to guage consumer responses. Use the results to perfect your new products and services prior to launch.
solution 6
Product Insights
Ensure your products meet the needs of today's consumers. Understand the optimized product characteristics, packaging design, content (including flavor and aroma), quantity, price, marketing channels, and more.
QuickCross, our original tabulation software

Ask us for your free tabulation software QuickCross.
It's easy to run a cross tabulation analysis and create your own charts.

The QuickCross manual (PDF) is available from the link below.

QuickCross Operation Manual

We also provide optional tabulation and analytical services.
Please contact us for more details.
*Quick Cross is a service provided by Macromill Co., Ltd.